Big flurry friends are the best.

what stay in a girl’s bedroom are probably big flurry creatures rather than Barbie dolls. 

A girl shouldn’t be reminded of what they should be. Instead, she needs someone whom she can hug and talk to and sees the princess in her.

∴ totoro, stitch, rilakkuma, domo > Barbies.

wake of morning rain.

thoughts of you
wakes me up
like a raindrop
on my head

in a rainstorm
where you can’t see

// the first after a long time. thanks for waking me up.

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10 Photos/Month: Sep 2014

Every 10th of the month, I will post 10 photos that mean a lot to me from the previous month.

1. Supporting Wayne and Melissa for UOC Pageant

2. 1st Pumpfest XVIII Meeting

3. Pumpfest Steamboat

4. Doing #20factsaboutme and #20factsaboutmyfriend

5. Making my first duct tape wallet for outdoor trips

6. Getting the first digital camera I dream about. OMD

7. Sponsoring a couple at HeartxBeads

8. Taking pretty subcomm photos at Berkelah! Presenting the pubs of Pumpfest XVIII!!

9. Pumpfest XVIII goes Berkelah Falls.

10. Making my first few video gifs since I can’t edit and take videos for nuts yet. :(

Picking just 10 photos is getting harder and harder too. It made me reflect on how I spent the month and whom I spent it with. Another month had flashed back and I am still feeling mixed feelings about spending half of the time with odac and making random things. Not that it is bad to have a group that I belong to but it felt a little small. Oh well.

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Recess Week

So the first school holidays of my uni life is over in a flash. I can still remember I am so eager for this week to come in that I create a Google docs of my holiday to-do list in week 3. And how much Shaojie want to mug during the break when I told him my plans. And in week 7, I am anticipating the recess week for Pumpfest XVIII subcomm trip because Kaiyuan made a beautiful video on the main comm trip which was held the weekend before.


Pumpfest XVIII subcomm trip is a 3D2N trip to the berkelah falls which is interesting cos it is in Kuantan where my dad grew up. However he never visited it or heard about it (maybe it is called differently back in his day? I don’t know.)

It was awesome because of

  1. the spontaneity to travel right after we end school
  2. bonding within the committee
  3. taking a lot of pretty photos that really capture the moment 


Draco photo before we leave!


The beginning of our trek


My trekking buddy, Liying 

I was tasked to find out two very important things about her during the trek which I faithfully do so, and I am glad I did cos it really broke the ice between us.


Chingyi can’t stop diving when we reached the waterfalls!


Observing the beautiful night sky


The light painting that involves everyone!


The light trail of our Kong Ming lantern; our symbol of luck for the work year!


I like the light leak of this photo when we are preparing to leave.


Photo again before we leave!

After that the trip, a few of us stayed up the night playing bridge while waiting for store wash. Meanwhile Kaiyuan was editing the video very efficiently. Finally i learnt a few tricks about video editing too. Will explore on that when I have the chance! Everyone was too zombified to take any photos after that and we made crazy stuff like coffee maggi and tea maggi. 

I slept like a baby for a day and worked on random stuff over the few days.


Our first bouldering session was on Thursday! This is actually my second time entering a boudler gym, the first during FOOT camp.



Pros teach newbies.


Possibly the only decent photo of me trying to climb.

And then there are the climbers.





And the mat people.




It was a lot of fun for our first bouldering session!


1 Star Kayaking course on Saturday and Sunday. Chingyi and I were the only people from pumpfest for the two days and It was a little sad. :( Foot was a small group as well so it became another POOT outing and we get to know a few of them better. And the Draco photo below was very hard to take after all we are in different committees now. 

And my 2x 1 hour trips with super bimbz Chingyi!


Back to mugging, I guess. :(

Pumpfest Blog

Being part of the Pumpfest XVIII’s publicity team, we finally handed down the pumpfest blog, it is going to be my first time writing for a group so I am pretty excited about it! Here is the link

A new committee calls for a new makeover!



I am sure it is going to be a wonderful work year as Pub for Pumpfest XVIII!


Personal Take: 8/10

I finally watched Transcendence a week ago on DVD. I became a fan of Johnny Depp after watching his old movies like Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon.

Although the movie followed a typical flashblack timeline, the first image of an spolit trafific light still captivated me. Unlike most sci-fi films, Transcendence is a future where the society lost its technological advantage. (it is very advanced at one point, thanks to Johnny Depp.)

Somehow I felt strange about Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall kissing.

Well, the story goes like this, the Caster couple are experts making tremendous progress in AI technology. Will was fatally wounded by a terrorist group that felt threatened about the technology. Evelyn then, uploads Will on the supercomputer, making the first self aware machine in the world. Will the supercomputer now taps into the vast database of the internet and making use of it to their advantage. The film simplified the whole idea into a closed system so it revolves around the main characters. For instance, making millions off the stock market in seconds did not have any implications. That wouldn’t be the case in real life. Many other aspects are simplified in the same way as well. 

Finally the government and the terrorist group stood up against Will which had seemed to be built his own army of super soldiers with the technology he/it has. Finally Will dies and the world goes back to normal but this time without the internet.

I always wanted to see films with unconventional endings. I think that this film reflects the current mentality of people about AI technology. Most of us still think that we are still far from building a self aware super computer in the film. The people could still be skeptical about such a technology that can defy the existence of God. I believe that given the same context, a script with a different ending maybe written as we advances in AI technology. There could be a case of supercomputer war in which two opposing minds were uploaded causing a clear divide in the world similar in gravity to the Cold War from 1950-1980s. Evidently, there is a huge potential in this genre of sci-fi films and I hope to watch it someday.

Killer Features.

I used be very excited about new gadgets and software releases. Every company will unveil their latest set of killer features that aims to differentiate their products as the better choice to the consumer. As the market saturates and stabilizes, these features are no longer that “groundbreaking” anymore. It had turned into a fine tuning process in which it is about making things a little more convenient for the user or adopting other good features from another system just to make sure it isn’t left behind. With all these cool features rolling out every year, which are the essential ones and which are the good-to-have features and lastly which are the ones that has the wow factor but forgotten soon after features?

With the recent hype of the iPhone 6, 6 plus and iOS 8, the general idea that everyone is getting is Apple is becoming more open. For instance, iOS 8 supports third party keyboard now. Good to have? Yes. Essential? No. Continuity is a new feature which basically syncs what you are currently doing across platforms. Say, you are replying an email on your iPhone and you realise you are going to write a long one and decide to work on your mac. You can always save as a draft and open it up on your mac by navigating through all the buttons. With Continuity, it just prompts you to continue working from there without all the hassle! That is definitely very nifty. 

Coming from an android user point of view, I will never understand the gravity of all new features on the iOS 8, so I decided to talk a little about old tech. Android, being open source, tends to have more crazier in terms of their features. I had been using the LG G2 for nearly a year now and I still love it. When it was first released, it stood out as a weird phone with back buttons and minimal bezel. It was also loaded with a lot of new features from LG. you can read all about it here.

After a year of use, there are 3 essential features that stayed on and I wished to have in the gadgets i might own in the future.

1. KnockOn. The G2 takes only 2 taps to wake the screen and vice versa. why press the power button at the back or at the side when you can tap anywhere on the screen? I wish I could knock some sense on my tablet but it isn’t LG.

2. Clip tray. It is a tray of copy-and-paste that you have. There are countless times that I have to copy from multiple sources to paste into a single text file. You can just copy all the sources that you need at one go and paste as compared to pasting the previous article before you can copy the next one. Why do you miss that out, Windows 7?

3. Easy Screenshot. Similar to KnockOn, there is no need to press any buttons. Simply swipe right from the home button on the screen. I always find pressing the volume down button and power button simultaneously very inconvenient.

Every feature released is a trial and error process which you hope it will catch on with the consumers. With my G2, a lot of the cool features were never used more than ten times.

1. Guest mode. By setting another password, your friends could only access the primary apps but not your private files. Only use it to troll your friends.

2. Slide Aside. By swiping the screen with three fingers, you can store running apps in the background. I can’t use three fingers to swipe the screen while holding it on one hand.

3. Remote Control. Annoy your friends by turning off the tv screen while they are playing a game.

Nonetheless, all these features are not meant to target a single group of audience. Some would tend to use a certain feature and so on. There isn’t a size fit all situation. While it is awesome to have intuitive functions built in the OS, we can always use third party solutions like Pushbullet as compared to Continuity. And the access to these third party app can be as important or more powerful than what is being built in in the system.

20 Facts about Me

Social media challenges like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and this 20 facts challenge is going viral and I am not spared either.

  1. davzoku is an online alias I gave myself in secondary school and it actually stands for davis-sanzo-goku.
  2. I like to give and receive handmade gifts. (hint hint*)
  3. Currently I own an online accessory store called @heartxbeads with my close friend, @londly.
  4. I am obsessed with horology and its automatic mechanics.
  5. I had been in IT clubs for most of my schooling life cos I can’t bring myself to any trials. Proud to be in NTU ODAC now. :)
  6. I had penfriends during my JC days and I would love to visit them one day
  7. I don’t like to be too mainstream.
  8. I am glad I tried different things like reading chinese books and gallery hopping. I miss these freedom.
  9. The first feature I see in a girl is the eyes.
  10. The only time I cried over an exam is PSLE and it is over a girl. (hopefully the last.)
  11. I can sit still but my mind can’t.
  12. The only dream/nightmare I can remember is a dark knight carrying a lance on horseback. Doing nothing. :O
  13. I am a visual person, anything audio is hopeless with me.
  14. I don’t game cos I am bad at it and I will get addicted nonetheless
  15. I don’t have a sweet tooth but gummies is the only exception.
  16. Don’t ask me how the food taste cos I categorize food as edible or inedible and nothing in-between.
  17. I always want to document my life in some way or rather but I can never be consistent.
  18. I love history cos my childhood questions are always about how people lived in the past.
  19. I became shortsighted cos everyone in class is. 
  20. I don’t appreciate horror movies. 

20 isn’t a small number!

Reflections from seewalter

During my absence from this tumblr, I created another one solely for reposting and my instagram posts. While davzokuhearts.everything is and always be in a more personal tone, seewalter will be a visual representation of my life and the pretty photos that I liked or may be on my mind for a while.

Being a visual person, I am process and perceive things in colors and images, sometimes there are so much on my mind that I will just forget certain matters altogether. (And i hate to forget things) seewalter have become a wonderful place to keep track of my thoughts which I am going to list out today!


1. Girls who tie top knots 

2. Girls with bleached hair in loud colours (‘cos of someone)

3. Girls who wears a kimono on their daily casual wear. (‘cos of someone too, but I definitely want to see it in real life.)

4. I must say here that eye candies stay as eye candies. Moving on… 

5. Sculptures especially Greek ones.

6. Color Splatter

7. Astronauts and Space

8. Bouldering and Adventure (especially after FOOT camp)

9. Names of my Orientation Groups. Draco and Midas

10. Geological features

11. Pattern Gifs

12. Bears and Kittens

13. Musicians like Lauren Mayberry

14. Movie or drama scenes



16. Abstract

17. Double exposures and scanographs

18. Lastly, expressions of love of course


For a moment, I couldn’t write any post on this tumblr anymore. I hate this tumblr for not being a proper tumblr that just reblog pretty photos. I stopped writing here and linked all my accounts to a newly created tumblr, seewalter.

Recently, I stumbled upon my blogspot website, which is another dead link of my creation. I reflected to me as a virtual memory vault like what we see in sci-fi movies. It was as though a part of me was frozen in time and from that link it was just before my A Levels. I can still remember vividly how unmotivated I felt when I was so close to the exams that I need a visual goal that I can set myself upon. And for that moment, It was the Soka University of America. 

Three years had passed and I am in another phase of life. While I felt like I had broadened my perspectives and become more bolder, deep down I am still the same person. I don’t like to be classified as “mainstream”. I still have this love-hate relationship with tumblr. While I can sit still, my mind is always in many places. I am still in searching of new interests but I hate myself of having to neglect other interests that I barely tried. I still feel the strong need to document my life in some way or other because I want to know what I did or how I felt at that exact moment and not just major milestones of my life.

Thus, I shall list down where I am now.

  1. Year 1 EEE student in NTU
  2. Pumpfest Pub Subcomm (Love being part of the NTU ODAC family)
  3. I currently own an accessory blogshop called HeartxBeads with a close friend. (Do patronize! ) 
  4. I like to ‘roam’ around different groups of friends in school during breaks especially those different from my course. It is so intriguing meeting people that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet. H don’t think the same way as I do.
  5. I already have a whole list of to-do list for holidays
  6. which comes to next point, where I want to explore more grounds to open more blogshops for other interests to fund these interests and some pocket money. By doing all these it really gives me exposure to think differently.
  7. I am obsessed with horology now. Especially bullhead and bronze watches
  8. Then again, I need to own a proper camera for my product photography and my photography interest.
  9. At this rate, I need to know how to do some investment of some sort.
  10. I feel like I want to join VPS and investment club next year. (odac?)
  11. I want to write posts on the topics I love like films, books, and horology.
  12. I miss writing poetry even though mine are crappy. I lost that voice in me
  13. I still haven’t finish carving my linocuts that revolves around my national service experience.
  14. I still don’t know how it is possible to get a good GPA for school, but I need to get it no matter what to convince myself that it is achievable. 
  15. Honestly, I felt silly and insecure writing all this out but it is going to be okay when I read this 2 years from now. 

10 Photos/Month: Aug 2014

Every 10th of the month, I will post 10 photos that mean a lot to me from the previous month.

1. The month of August involves sending seniors off for exchanges,

2. Meeting up with best buds even after extending our social circles from camps.

3. Hall crashing and Hall 8’s legendary find-the-slippers challenge.

4. Planning awesome birthday surprise for J.

5. Freshmen Welcome Cermony; a feel of the academic dress.

6. Supporting Kev and Clar for NBS Bash

7. crashing lectures. (where got time for that now. :(( )

8. Being part of the biggest FOOT OG to go for ODAC Welcome Tea.

9. More hall crashing and watching silly tv shows together.

10. Fridays with Draco is an awesome way to end a hectic school week!

11. BONUS; haircut! Me cutting and being lazy to maintain the popular pompadour hairstyle >< 

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10 Photos/Month: July 2014

Every 10th of the month, I will post 10 photos that mean a lot to me from the previous month.

1. Time to put down the camo, and pick up the pens

2. People might think that I am crazy going outfield again after my ORD, but this group of friends are the most important group of friends in my university life now. Draco of NTU ODAC FOOT ‘14

3. Ernestine, my senior pal whom I have to propose to during the camp. My jaw muscles are cramming from the shyness.

4. UOC ‘14, Midas. My back-to-back camp after FOOT.

5. The cutest 宝珠姐。

6. Glad to be part of the ‘M’ family.

7. Post Foot, which is hours after UOC, but the shagness are all worth it. This marks the end of my orientation camp experiences.

8. HeartxBeads, a online accessory blogshop I conceptualized with a close friend before I went camping. Worked intensively on it after camps.

9. even the universe can’t do us apart. The other half was finally sent to S with a postcard.

10. An unexpected meetup with Tech Council people from my ACJC days

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"On this stormy night, it dawn to me that I lost the edge of imagining anything pretty, let alone create one."

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""Four," I say.
And then we’re kissing."

— Will Grayson, Will Grayson



Reality is a leash that keeps me away from the reality beside you.



Reality is a leash that keeps me away from the reality beside you.


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